The San Diego Swing Dance Club

The SDSDC is a private, non profit organization. It's specific & primary purposes are to enjoy, promote, preserve, encourage and teach West Coast Swing. Members receive discounts to weekly dances, special events & each issue of the Swing Times Newsletter. Club colors are red, white & blue. The first Sunday of each month is Red, White & Blue Day. Wear the Club colors & be entered into a drawing for a free admission pass. If you haven't been to the Club Dance in awhile, stop by soon so you can continue to enjoy the dancing, fun & friendliness that makes SDSDC so special. Admission to your first visit is free. Print out The First Time Flyer or just tell them at the door. Participants must be at least 13 years of age.

The Free Admission Pass

The Free Admission Pass is for ONE TIME ONLY, for first time guests! Some members and guests think that the free pass is valid if the person using it has not been to our current location or has not been to the SDSDC for a few years. This is not correct! They are valid only once and at the time of their first visit only. Please give the freepasses to all friends so they can join the fun and dancing and also remember to sign your name to them as well so that we know who to thank for bringing these new guests to our club. But please only use them for first time guests. Thanks.