Contest Winners

This site is a work in progress. Some of the dates of contests and names of contestants have been left out because I don't know or have forgotten them. Any help would be appreciated. If you see where I might be enlightened please e-mail:

just dance
Diane Lynn, Jim Widdecke, Gloria Cotchonis, Neil Siciliano, Wright Benson, Trish Lavell, Kathleen Lavelle, Jack Sigler, Marg & Gary Isert
Contest Winners Just Dance
August winners
Harvey Clark, (?), Dick, Roi, (?), Kathern Lavell
Winners Jack & Jill
contest winners
Harvey Clark, (?), Kel, Carolyn Washington, Roger Reynolds, Roi
Winners Jack & Jill
april winners
Joanie Fuller, Ed Prisnillo, (?), (?), (?), Mike Cowlishaw

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