Other West Coast Swing Clubs

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City Name of Club Web Address
Anchorage West Coast Swing Alaska http://www.wcsalaska.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Pheonix Arizona Dance Club http://www.azdanceclub.org
Pheonix Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club http://www.gpsdc.org
Tucson Tucson Swing Dance Club http://www.tsdc.net/newsite
City Name of Club Web Address
Los Angeles LA Swing Dance Club http://www.laswingdanceclub.com
Orange County Orange County WCS Dance Club http://www.ocwcsdc.com
Palm Springs Desert Swing Dance Club http://www.desertswingdanceclub.com
Sacramento Capital Swing Dancers http://www.capitalswingdancers.org
San Diego Innovations http://www.innovationsdance.org
San Diego Pattie Wells' Dancetime Center http://www.dancetime.com/
San Fernando Valley Swing Dance Club http://www.streetswing.com
San Francisco The Next Generation Swing Dance Club http://www.tngsdc.org
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Swing Club http://www.santacruzswingclub.com
Santa Maria Central Coast Swing Dance Club http://www.centralcoastswingdance.com
Santa Rosa Redwood Empire Swing Dance Club http://www.resdc.org
Ventura People Who Dance http://www.peoplewhodance.net
Westminster West Coast Swing Dance Club (Press Box) http://www.thepressboxdance.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Colorado Springs Springs Dance Club http://www.springsdanceclub.com
Denver Rocky Mountain Swing Club http://www.coloradoswingdance.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Willington Dance Pro's http://www.dancepros.net
City Name of Club Web Address
  West Coast Swing http://www.anchorsteps.com/
Jacksonville Florida Boppers. Inc. http://www.floridaboppers.com
Tampa Tampa Bay Beach Boppers http://www.tampabaybeachboppers.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Atlanta Atlanta Swing Dancers http://www.atlantaswingdancers.com/index.html
City Name of Club Web Address
Hawaii Swing Dance Club Hawaii http://www.swingdanceclubhawaii.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Des Moines Swing Des Moines Dance Club http://www.swingdesmoines.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Boise High Desert Swing Dance Club http://www.idahoswingdance.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Chicago The Chicago Rebels http://www.chicagorebels.net
City Name of Club Web Address
Indianapolis Indy Swing Dance Club http://www.indyswing.org
Indianapolis Indiana Rebels Swing Dance Club http://www.indianarebels.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Kansas City Kansas City Swing Dance Club http://www.kansascityswingdance.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Louisville The Louisville Dance Society http://www.lindylou.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Michigan Michigan Swing Dance Association http://www.msda.org
Pontiac Dance Fanatics http://www.dancefanatics.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Minneapolis Twin Cities Rebels http://www.tcrebels.com
St Paul Minnesota West Coast Swing Dance Club http://mnwestcoastswingdanceclub.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Fenton Rebel t http://www.stlrebels.com/
Fenton South Side Imperial Dance Club http://www.southsidedance.org/
St Louis Imperial Dance Club http://www.slidc.com
North Carolina
City Name of Club Web Address
Raleigh Carolina Dance Club http://www.musicanddance.com
New Mexico
City Name of Club Web Address
Alburquerque Albuquerque Swing & Country Dance Club http://www.nmdance.com
Alburqueque Strictly Swing New Mexico http://www.spukhaus.com/~ssnm
City Name of Club Web Address
Carson City High Sierra Swing Dance Club http://www.hssdc.org
Reno The Biggest Little Swing Dance Club http://www.blsdc.org
New York
City Name of Club Web Address
Long Island Swing Dance Long Island http://www.sdli.org
New York Gotham Swing Club http://www.gothamswingclub.org
Rochester Rochester Swing Dance http://rochesterswingdance.com
Syracuse Syracuse Swing Dance Society http://www.syrswingdance.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Cincinnati Cincy Swing http://www.cincyswing.com
Cincinnati West Coast Swing Cincinnati http://www.wcswingclub.com
Cleveland/Akron Cleveland-Akron Swing & Hustle Club http://www.cashdanceclub.org
Columbus Columbus Swing Dance Club http://www.columbusswingdanceclub.com
Columbus Mid Ohio Boogie Club http://www.midohioboogieclub.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Swing Dance Club http://www.okcswingdanceclub.com
Tulsa Swing Tulsa Style http://www.swingtulsastyle.com
Tulsa Tulsa Swing Club http://www.tulsaswingdanceclub.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Eugene Eugene Swing Dance Club http://www.68swing.com
Portland Portland Swing Dance Club http://www.portlandswing.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Harrisburg Central Penn Swing Dance Club http://www.centralpaswingdance.org
Philadelphia The Philadelphia Swing Dance Society http://www.swingdance.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Austin Heart of Texas Whip Dance Club http://www.dancewhip.austin.tx.us
Dallas Dallas Push Club http://www.dallasdance.com/dpc.htm
Dallas Texas Classic Swing Dance Club http://www.texasclassic.com
Houston Bay Area Whip Dance Club http.//www.bawdc.org
Houston Southwest Whip Club http://www.swwc.org
Houston Houston Swing Dance Society http://www.hsds.org
Houston North Houston Swing Dance Club http://pages.prodigy.net/yvonnerg
City Name of Club Web Address
Charllottesville Charlottesville Swing Dance Society http://cvilleswingdance.net
Falls Church The Potomac Swing Dance Club http://www.potomacswing.com
City Name of Club Web Address
Seattle Seattle Swing Dance Club http://www.seattlewcswing.com
Spokane Swing Dance Club http://www.spokaneswingdanceclub.org
City Name of Club Web Address
Madison The Madison West Coast Swing Club http://www.madisonwestcoastswing.org
Milwaukee Milwaukee Rebels Milwaukee http://www.milwaukeerebels.com/wp
Oshkosh North East Wisconsin Rebels http://newrebels.com
West Coast Swing Organizations & Other links
Organization Web Address
Atlanta West Coast Swing Dance Links http://www.angelfire.com/ga/westcoastswing/
Atlanta Swing Classic www.atlantaswingclassic.com
About Swing Dancing https://www.letshangout.com/content-all-about-swing-dancing.php
Boogie by the Bay (San Francisco) http://boogiebythebay.org
Cleaning Service New York City http://www.cleaningservicenewyorkcity.com/swing-dancing.html
Dancers Information League (Sacramento) http://www.softcom.net
Dance Utah http://www.danceutah.info/dance/venues/west-coast-swing.html
Doulike.com (Swing Dancing Article) https://www.doulike.com/article-all-about-swing-dancing
Memories http://www.memoriesdancing.com
National Association of Swing Dance Events http://www.nasde.net
National Events Calendar http://www.databasewebworks.com/swing dance/
Palm Springs Dance http://palmspringsdance.com
Partner Dancing (San Diego) http://www.PartnerDancing.org
Skippy Blair http://www.swingworld.com
Washington DC Swing Dance Server http://www.dcdancenet.com
West Coast Swing International http://www.angelfire.com/ga/wscinternational/index.html
West Coast Swing America http://www.westcoastswingamerica.com
West Coast Swing Steps http://www.swingcraze.com/ussds/westcoast swing/
World Swing Dance Council http://www.swingdancecouncil.com
Local Swing Dance Affiliations
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Name of Club Web Address
Innovations http://www.innovationsdance.org
Patty Well's Dancetime Center http://www.dancetime.com